The Man Who Worked So Hard

For His family

That he barely saw them,

Was missed

By those who wished

He'd be around some more,

And when he was

Not act so grouchy

When he finally got home

Only wanting to be left alone,

Enjoy his drinks and watch TV

And have a little peace and quiet

For God's sake

Didn't they understand

A man was tired after working

Twelve hour days

And weekends at the office

Killing himself

To be successful

To keep them happy

And not complain

He wasn't doing enough

When vacations and birthdays

And at Christmas they got

As much or more

Than anybody else they knew,

He saw to that.

What did they want, blood?


His company

Was what they had in mind,

But his question

Did cause the family to feel guilty

For wanting to see him more

When they should

Have been grateful

For seeing him as little as they did.

Except the Very Youngest Child

Who hadn't learned any better

Than to feel disappointed

When he broke special promises

Because he had to work late again,

And feel rejected

When he seemed to prefer

Time with the job to time with her,

And feel angry

That she wasn't supposed

To feel angry at him

For working so much

When it was never his fault:

His career made him do it.

One thing was sure,

She told him.

She never wanted to work

Like he did

If this is what it did to people,

Which he denied.

Was she actually suggesting

He was responsible for choosing

To work so hard because

That was what he wanted?

Oh no,

She apologized.

Nobody who truly loved

Their family would want to work

So hard at not seeing them.

Certainly not,

Agreed The Man

Relieved his daughter

Finally understood.


He was a great provider,

And wasn't that enough?


Ambition is not an altrusitic motivation.