We have two powers

To shape our fate --

One to destroy,

One to create.

It takes a lifetime's better part

To make a lasting work of art,

But drop a bomb

And quickly killed

Is what took centuries to build.

So shun the radical's mistake:

"Demolish to remake."

Destruction just destroys.

Only Creation can create.



Is what happens

When what happens

Causes life to fall apart

Creating voids bereft

Of what we counted on or loved,

Creating empty spaces

Full off mattering,

Because we miss the missing,

Even what we didn't know

We'd miss,

Now valuing the worth

Of what we didn't know we had.

How recover?

By starting over,

Except there is no starting over,

Only reorganizing

The shattered pieces left,

Puzzling them together

Into some new configuration

Finding odd fits

And new possibilities,

Answering change with change.

When what we build

Comes crashing down,

What we rebuild is not the same.

If loss lets life continue,

Disintegration is part

Of how we grow.